Aim: YouTube wanted to show the power of the platform to amplify the voices of creators and their communities for good during the COP21 climate change conference.

Idea: Climate change affects the things that you love. We cut through the feeling of hopelessness and ambivalence surrounding climate change by using YouTube creators to show that whether you were interested in fashion, food, beauty or fitness, we all had something to lose. Rather than the traditional depressing message we focused on the positive - that now was the time to act to impact change, asking people to sign a petition that would be delivered to COP21 as the voice of the people.

Results: Running only for one week, #OursToLose dominated climate change conversations in the run up to the COP21 conference. Climate change specialists, celebrities and brands helped spread the word and contributed to 12 million impressions (82% organic) in over 20 countries. The world joined together to contribute to the largest ever Avaaz petition of 3,656,258 signatures, which was then delivered to our leaders at the conference.